Store SKU: #25845

Model: M0009243 Ox Red

Retail Price: $300


  • Color: Reds
  • Style: Jacket
  • Outer Material Type: Leather
  • Product Subtype Clothing: Outerwear
  • Material: 100% Lambskin Leather
  • Seasons of the product: Fall-Winter
  • Base Name: Coulter
Model: 83632D.5199.1243, Color: Blues, Material: Cotton Blend, Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve, Base Name: Tacoma, Outer Material Type: Cotton, Product Subtype Clothing: Shirt, Seasons of the product: Spring-Summer, Style: Button-Front, Store SKU: #22107
SKU: 25845
Marca: Mauritius
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Tipo Chaquetas
Color Rojo