Cult Of Individuality Shorts Rebel Shorts Blues Blue 67A5 SR16D


Store SKU: #25440

Model: 67A5 SR16D

Retail Price: $155


  • Color: Blues
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Outer Material Type: Denim
  • Product Subtype Clothing: Shorts
  • Seasons of the product: Spring-Summer
  • Style: Shorts
  • Base Name: Rebel
Model: 67A5 SR16D, Color: Blues, Material: 100% Cotton, Outer Material Type: Denim, Product Subtype Clothing: Shorts, Seasons of the product: Spring-Summer, Style: Shorts, Base Name: Rebel, Store SKU: #25440
SKU: 25440
Manufacturer: Cult Of Individuality
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