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ShotCaller M.
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Love this place!  Today they had a "buy one get half off" sale.  Got some cool jeans and an Affliction tee


Rufus P.
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Really helpful lady who spent maybe 45 minutes to an hour with me..Not pushy at all..
Very good indeed~ Got some great Diesel jeans for a great price.
Thanks New York Speed!


Charlotte M.
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Love the people who work here. 
Always friendly. 
Not super pushy, but helpful. 
Large selection of men's clothing. 
They have newer and older styles.  
Everything is well organized, and if you can't find something ask! They may have it at the other location and are willing to make the quick trip for you.


James S.
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This place rocks! Kyle & Esther & Company deliver World-Class customer service with a smile on a personal level. The selection of clothes is second to none. These guys are not only knowledgeable and friendly, but offer tips only a high -end stylist could. Rock on!


Oreo N.
  • Oreo N.
  • West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
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this place is a great to shop, i purchased diesel shoes and tank top and love them, good service, and affordable price, got a great deal.


Kwazy A.
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This Place is amazing the staff & the merchandise
Is beyond belief!


Jeff K.

great selection of Diesel, G Star, and other ridiculously pricey brands...but definitely worth it. Shanni is awesome and gives great recommendations and hooks it up with the discounts!


Jay C.
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I came to this location solely to test fit the Diesel Zatiny 88Z and 8AT I saw in their eBay store before making my purchase online.  Little did I expect to leave with much more!

The staff was excellent--especially for someone so fashionably clueless as I am.  Shanni was very patient, made several suggestions, and even picked out an outfit for me.

The total cost was a bit more expensive than it would have been online, especially after tax, but you don't get a personal stylist on eBay!

I walked out with a G Star jacket, shirt, and Diesel Safado 8J1.  I'll probably be back next week to pick up that pair of shoes she suggested lol.


Wei H.
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This boutique is filled with some of the very exclusive men clothing from top designers. The pricing is a little on the high side, but you do get what you pay for.

Compared to other graphic intensive clothing that crowds Melrose ave, New York Speed /Invasion  is more subtle yet refined.  The salesmen is very friendly, and never in a hurry.  

Still loving these 2 pairs of Jeans, and Howe's Vest!

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